Mystical Makeup Monday: The Hierophant

The Hierophant

Deck: The Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne

I see something muted even in the sky of this card. The sunset or sunrise is full of what could be bright color but there seems to be somewhat of a veil over the tone. A tempering of sorts of the color magic. Their ever present galaxy looms above and geometric shapes fill the sky space. A woman in her natural state hugs her knees to her chest as if in the fetal position although she sits up right. Her skin is the same tone as the earth she sits on. She looks up and out. One of the geometric shapes bursts directly behind her head. 

You can barely see a sliver of the sea below and on the rocks underneath the figure there are 4 floating lanterns that do not seem to provide much light. The fact that the figure is so large and so high above even the lanterns that are flying in the sky says much about her place. There is another person much smaller on the rocks below cloaked in black. Although you can not see her face I feel a femininity from her. She almost feels motherly to me as she gazes up at our woman perched on top of the highest rock. She is clutching her cloak almost visually sending up something we can’t see. 

If you pay close attention in the far background on the left hand side of the card you can see the tiniest human form. It is so small that you can only make out a shadowy profile. He feels more masculine to me and he may be carrying a backpack. Perhaps he is attempting the journey to the top. Perhaps he has just started on his path. Perhaps he thinks she has already made it. It is hard to say because he is not but a speck at this point, but he is there nonetheless and ready to start. 

I noticed that even in the rocks you can see subtle bits of gold and even a small burst of light. They mimic the galaxy above. It could be saying, “What you see, so you have.” Or it could be a simple artistic choice, but the parallel seemed hard for me to ignore. The question that immediately bubbles is… Which is the Hierophant? The woman on the rock, the cloaked figure looking up at her, or the speck of a man on the start.


Spiritual wisdom, religious beliefs, conformity, tradition, institutions. 

The Hierophant is the masculine counterpart to the more feminine High Priestess. My initial thought was “ hmmm this card seems divinely feminine to me. “ Upon closer examination I realized there is not much more traditional than the male hierarchy, the definition being “ a system or organization in which people or groups are ranked one above the other according to status or authority.” per This card does in fact show the levels of traditional hierarchy at least according to our culture. The speck of a man just beginning his journey. Looking up longingly. The woman perched at the top of her rock looking out upon all that she may have accomplished and the wiser older woman who had made her descent back to a place of relaxation or retirement. She still looks longingly at what once was with great love and a fondness for the younger version of what could have been herself. 

More importantly this card can represent a mentor or teacher of sorts. Who can offer guidance in the place of painful mistakes and elevate you spiritually. This is a comforting thought to those of us dabbling down a new path. This card may be a beckoning to start in a more traditional manner. When learning something it may be that you should learn how it has always been done before you can branch out and break the mold. That is not to say you should not do something great. You can burst through the stratosphere and make it to all new heights but you must first learn how to stand, jump before you can begin to fly. Beginning in the traditional manner by learning all there is to already know might be a pertinent point of action if you find yourself on a newer path. 

Reverse Meaning

As always I will share the reversed meaning for the sake of complete research and learning. In the reverse this card could mean that it is time for you to break the mold. Step outside the traditional and enter the realm of the unconventional. As many benefits as there are to thinking for yourself there will always be the push back from those close to you who don’t understand why you won’t conform as they have. Tension in that department, potential strife between loved ones.


In your career It could be a suggestion that now may be a good time to introduce a new approach or an unconventional method and be met with success. Look out for opportunities to mentor or train others.  This card can be referring to someone with authority. Some kind of boss or leadership position. He may be a rule follower. A process builder and/or an analytical thinker. You could also be feeling pressure to conform to a group mindset on a project or to fit in on some level. 


If you are in a relationship, put your commitment pants on because this card can represent a marriage. You can generally expect your relationship to move in a forward direction towards a new height. It indicates that you and your partner are in alignment on your desires. For all you singles out there this card can mean a new relationship is about to bud. You can expect it to have all the potential for a more serious partnership and be less of a fling. 


If you find yourself in a health predicament when this card pops up it could be an indication that more traditional medicine is the best path for your problem at the moment. You can also expect the implementation of a basic health plan like diet and exercise to make a major impact.

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