3 Reasons Why EVERYONE Needs A “ Serum ”

Guest Article by Aimee Fisher

Most of us need to know what a serum is to know why you need one. A serum is a concentrated version of other products excluding the fluff, the junk, the extra. With more stuff can come less absorption making the product less effective. The molecular makeup of a serum is also very different from a cream moisturizer for example. Serum’s tend to have smaller molecules allowing for a deeper level of absorption. Don’t throw out all your creams, lotions, and moisturizer just yet! Sometimes your skin needs multi levels of care, but that’s for another article. Today I am here to discuss the 3 reasons why everyone needs a serum.

Reason 1. You need a serum because of what is NOT going to be found in them. Serums do not have oils that keep water from evaporating. Most serums are water based which allows the product to soak into your skin as opposed to sitting on TOP of your skin. Most people are in desperate need of internal hydration. 

Reason 2 is how much active ingredient you will be exposing your skin to. The active ingredients are what is in your skincare that is producing actual results. If you’re trying to soften fine lines, and wrinkles the active ingredients you might find could include retinoids, vitamin c, hydroxy acids, and peptides. These are the real heroes out there doing the dirty work for aging skin. Long story short active ingredients get results. 

Reason 3 is everybody has an issue with their skin. Yes, even those of you who have glowing perfect skin. You need to be worried about prevention if you plan on keeping it that way. Nobody is immune to aging skin. Serums can minimize hyperpigmentation, prevent clogged pores, and soften fine lines and wrinkles. Whatever your goal is there is a serum out there just for you. 

Now that you know just 3 of the reasons why you should be using serums in addition to other at home skin care you need to know which one is best for you. The only way to get complete custom skin care is to consult a professional. Find a local Esthetician that can give you a skin analysis and recommend the best serum for the result you desire. I am always here to help if you live in the Austin / Dripping Springs Hill Country area, and you can book me online at www.pommespa.com by selecting the book online tab. You can also call my front desk at 512-894-2611. I would love to meet you and take care of your skin. 

As always sending love & light your way,

Your Esthi Aimee

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