Is Going Blonde Right For You?

Is Going Blonde Right For You?
By: Guest blogger and Stylist Hollie Lockhart.

So you want to change up your look, and you think that lightening up a bit is the way to do it? There are many factors that go in to lightening hair and the process and/ or up-keep can be a little more time/effort/money than expected. Here are some tips for those considering lightening up.

1. Do your research on different shades or looks you are going for. Your stylist loves photos and can better assist you when we have a visual of the look and color, this allows us to be on the same page as you. Your stylist will also need to know your hair history so she can better assist you along this blonde journey. This also allows us to understand what is possible, or not possible at the time of your appointment,

2, Is your hair in a healthy state? Optimal hair for lightening, is healthy hair. Ask your stylist what steps, treatments, vitamins she recommends to get your hair at it’s healthiest so she can lighten the hair with minimal to no damage. We have several different products from Kevin Murphy, as well as Olaplex treatments, at the salon.

3. What is your beauty budget? Let’s face it going blonde isn’t cheap. Depending on the lightness you are trying to achieve, the steps getting there, and the maintenance, you can be looking at multiple appointments and quite a few dollars. It is best to discuss your budget with your stylist and she can direct you to a process that suits your goals. Going blonde doesn’t happen overnight. it is a gradual process and can take from one appointment to months depending on what we are starting with and where you want us to take you. Since we mentioned maintenance, how often are you willing to come back for touch-ups. If you are not wanting to be in the salon every 4-6 weeks then maybe that all over white head of hair with a root-shadow isn’t for you. We can direct you in to maybe getting a balayage, ombre, or sombre so your trips to the salon will be 8-12 weeks instead.

4. The up-keep and at home maintenance are the last two things I’d like to mention. After being lightened, the hair cuticle is changed. It is more fragile and there are steps in your day to day that need to be considered when going lighter. You need a professional shampoo and conditioner, such as Kevin Murphy’s Hydrate me line, to ensure moisture and hair health. Taking home a product to use such as Olaplex #3 would be a beneficial at home treatment. Lay off of the heat. Let your hair air dry, only use heated styling tools when necessary. Heat dries out hair and can cause breakage. Is your blonde getting brassy? Kevin Murphy has a purple shampoo and conditioner for this. Basically what I’m saying is there will be tweaks to your daily hair care routine to ensure optimal results before your next blonding appointments to keep your hair looking fabulous and healthy.

I hope these tips have enlightened you and have made your blonde journey a bit more understandable. Always feel free to book a consultation with us at anytime, we would be happy to map out a step-by-step process tailored to you!

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