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400 W Highway 290 Suite C-101 Dripping Springs TX 78620

We are currently open and taking clients by appointment only. 

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We believe in a set of Core Values. It’s a vow to our clients and ourselves to be the most beautiful reflection we can be. Nobody is perfect but here is what we try to live by…

1.  We support Cruelty Free. This includes our product, retail and color lines and how they conduct their testing but it also refers to the way we treat everybody. In the wise words of client and friend Trish Martindale “We wont judge your journey.”

2. We are Environmentally Friendly. We partner with Green Circle Salon to cover and re purpose 95% of the waste created in this salon. We also offer a Retail Recycle Program where clients can bring their old bottles in and refill for a discount.

3. We Love A lot. We want all the love in the world to pour from our fingertips and cover everything we touch. That includes your hair, nails, face and your soul. With LOVE from us to you. XOXO

4. We practice Customer Service through Communication. If your asking us to do something unhealthy or expensive we will tell you. This means you can expect a consultation every time you come in.  Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction and happiness.

What is new at the shop?

Crystal Healing Facials



We are currently preparing a brand new Facial Service. We are adding Crystal Healing Facials to our menu. These facials revolve around the energy systems of the 7 main Chakras. This service will help you promote personal healing and self love. The service is evolving but will certainly include an in depth Facial Massage, Lymphatic Drainage using specific Crystals, Acupressure, A Skin Mask, A Self Love Crystal Grid using stones specific to your energy, and deep moisturization. We will be using specialty products including but not limited to sage, cornflowers, Hazelnut Oil, Rose Quartz, Jade Roller, Amythest, Citrine, Obsidian, Clear Quartz and many more stones and crystals.

This service is set to go live Wednesday November, 13th 2019. If you would like to be one of the first to experience the healing power of Crystals please call the salon to get on our list.



Referral Program

Come into the salon and snap a selfie with our Polaroid camera. Give your selfies to friends and family. If they bring your selfie with them to their appointment you will earn points towards FREE services. It only takes a couple selfies to get a free service and it is totally worth it!

Viva Las Vegas

We are going to Vegas 2020! Our entire salon will be traveling to Las Vegas for the biggest Hair Show of the year. We will dive into and intensive series of classes over the long weekend including classes on the latest Highlighting and Color techniques, Hair cutting, Barbering, Skincare, Lashes and Business. We will be attending anywhere from 4 -8 classes per day while we are gone. We will return with SO MUCH knowledge and all the info on the latest and up and coming trends to keep you fresh. The salon and Stylists have jointly agree to hold a WORK FOR EDUCATION series over the next several moths. We will all advertise in advance a day the salon will be open and the Stylist and Management will work and donate their portion of pay to the Education Fund. The salon will donate both their portion and also the product needed that day. The Education fund will be used to purchase our very expensive tickets to the Hair Show as well as flight and accommodations during the trip. If you are interested in furthering your Stylists education and you love what they do for them consider booking your appointment during one of our WORK FOR EDUCATION days coming soon.



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  • A fee is associated with appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice. Please see our policies page for a detailed description of our Cancellation Policy.